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Olivia Erlanger
"Material Studies II - A House Falls Apart"
12.14.2013 - 01.18.2014 / Opening Reception: 6-9pm Saturday 12.14.2013


Material List:
1 Black Faux Marbled Foam Pedestal with Mother of Pearl Hunting Knife
2 Hands in Latex Gloves Touching Themselves on a Magnet Board with 4 Small Concrete Magnets
1 Crystal Paperweight with 3D Print of Leelee Sobieski from Joan of Arc (1999)
1 iPod Nano Playing Slideshow of the End of the Truman Show (2000)
Set in Plexi Box Leaking SoftSoap
1 William Sonoma Marble Fruit Bowl Cut in Half Filled with SoftSoap with
2 Submerged Silver Finger Cuffs and 2 Metallic Luster Porcelain Hand Holds
1 Digital Print on Linen of a Photograph of Metamorphic Rock with a Penny on it From National Geographic